đŸĒ™About us

Scrypto (SCR) Is A Digital Currency, Developed Specifically For Regulated Scrypto Projects.

We are committed to building a mutually beneficial system, making SCR tokens the primary payment method for every Scrypto Project.

Collaborate with other platforms and work together to build the Scrypto Project, implementing SCR tokens in every sector of the Crypto platform as a payment method.

SCR has a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000. No more SCR will be minted. In fact, SCR is deflationary because of the buyback and burn mechanism. Deflationary tokenomics means less sell pressure.

Several benefits as a SCR token holders :

Profit From Our Project

Token holders can invest in each of our projects to earn more profits, profits will be given in the form of SCR tokens according to the promised profits.

Free Transaction Fees

Free transaction fees on every scrypto project using SCR tokens.

Free SCR Tokens

SCR token holders will get a SCR token bonus when joining the scrypto project.

Rev-Share Program

Token holders will receive 50% SCR and 5% TOMO for each user participating in the presale. This program is only applicable to token holders who purchased the presale.

Build Your Own Casino

Our last project Scrypto iGaming Software, is a project that provides the creation of casino sites with a whitelabel system, we can help you build your own dream casino.

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