💰Project Investment

Earn more profits by investing in scrypto projects, we invite you to enter our projects, and get a very profitable profit share for each of our investment programs. choose a suitable project, start funding our projects and get a definite profit share for each investment program.

Project investment is one of our ways to provide profits from the scrypto project to SCR token holders. Each investor can choose their own type of investment in this program. Thus, every SCR token holder who invests in the scrypto project will receive the promised profits.

With careful planning and good support from experienced developers, Scrypto Team is committed to building a profitable project for SCR token holders.

Profit Sharing

How do we share the profits? Every project we build certainly requires capital to make a profits. Therefore, every SCR token invested will become capital for our project.

We believe that our project can be built with the support of every participating SCR token holder. Therefore we are committed to sharing profits with participating SCR token holders to fund our projects through this investment program.

Our Projects

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