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Scrypto Agent System is an advanced Casino Management tool that allows operators to build a multi-level agent network. This simplifies the monitoring of business finances and delivers a practical user management solution. Encompassing Casino Agent Software and Bookie Software, our dashboard covers everything you’d expect from a multi-layered Agent System.

Whether you need casino agent software or bookie agent software, our user dashboard has it all.


Scrypto Agent System provides numerous innovative features to deliver an expansive and scalable service:

Multi-Level Hierarchy

A multi-level Saas designed for both Agents and Sub Agents

Access Control Features

Grouping agents permissions for easier management

Transparent Commission Packages

Agents or Sub Agents can take a percentage of player bets calculated from Global Gross Revenue

Real-Time Data Feed

Effortless data tracking delivering informed reporting

KYC Module for Agents

Checking customer integrity whenever needed

Financial Dashboard

Provides access to advanced financial statements and offers an innovative ticketing system for seamless communication and support

Reporting and Analytics

Cash flow and expense monitoring at your finger tips

Efficient back office

Gain a clear overview of essential data and analytics through an enhanced dashboard

Scrypto Online Casino and Sports Betting Agent Marketing System is designed to provide the perfect tool to simultaneously boost revenue and increase traffic to your platform.


The Casino Management System Software has been developed with flexibility in mind, allowing operators to use this innovative solution in conjunction with our other services:

  • Easy integration alongside current architecture

  • Can be used on mobile and desktop platforms

  • Platform differentiation to allow separate agent access

  • Freedom to build multi-level networks


Integrity is key to delivering a successful Agent System. Clearly defined roles allow each user to have access to data relevant to them:

  • Role permission grouping for better organisation

  • Transfer players with agent transfer feature

  • Enhanced security measures can block user activity

  • Casino and betting platform differentiation


Scrypto ensures reports and statistics do not become overwhelming by focusing on streamlining the user experience.

  • Enhanced dashboard and analytics

  • Transfer sub-agents using hierarchy trees

  • Devise roles for your agents and determine their position

  • Group agent permissions for easier management

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